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Airfield Data

Aerodrome category: Public Airfield
Call sign: Vilshofen INFO
Frequency/Channel: 119.180 EN/GE
Elevation: 991 ft / 302 m
Location: 0.4 NM north of the town of Vilshofen
Coordinates: N 48° 38,11' E 13° 11,74'
Trafficcircuit: SW 2200 ft MSL
Flight rules: VFR


9000 kg, HEL 9000 kg, GLD (P), GLD, triple-axled UL
Only with functional radiotelephony equipment

Runway 12/30

Dimensions 1138 x 20 m, Asphalt

RWY 12, TORA 880m*, LDA 880m
RWY 30, TORA 940m, LDA 880m*

Important information:

When landing on runway 12, ensure that the road embankment at the beginning of runway 12 is overflown with at least 50 ft GND and touchdown is not made before the displaced threshold of runway 12.

* For the use of the full runway length (1078 m) for take-off on runway 12 or landing on runway 30, PPR is required at least 30 min before use. However, for safety reasons, this is only approved in rare exceptional cases only for commercial flights by aircraft with more than 2000 kg MTOW.

Footpath from the parking areas to the tower

To reach the tower from the parking areas, the runway must be crossed. This is done under observation of final approaches 12 and 30 only via taxiway A. You will find corresponding markings on the taxiways.

For safety reasons, the runway must never be crossed at other points!

Additional information

OPS/PPR: +49 (0) 8541 8476
FIS: Langen Information 120.650
AIS-C: +49 (0) 6103 707-5500
GAFOR: Area 75
Fuel (BP-Agency): JET A-1, AVGAS 100LL (BP carnets are accepted)
Oil: not available
Payment: Cash, EC, MasterCard, VISA
TAXI: Taxi Traudl GbR +49 (0) 8541 7109

Restrictions / Airfield Noise Abatement Ordinance

The Vilshofen airfield is subject to the Airfield Noise Abatement Ordinance. In case of non-compliance with the operational noise requirements according to the Airfield Noise Abatement Ordinance dated 05.01.1999, no flights of less than 60 minutes may be carried out with propeller-driven aircraft and motor gliders at the following times:
Mondays to Fridays between 13:00 and 15:00 local time. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays after 13:00 local time.

For all the above restrictions, the respective take-off time is decisive.
The restrictions do not apply if the aircraft has to return prematurely for reasons of safe flight operations.