Operating Times

Regular Flight Operations

The airport Vilshofen is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00 local time for flight operations, at the latest until 30 minutes after sunset.

Ordinance for Noise Abatement at Airfields

Please comply with time restrictions of the Ordinance for Noise Abatement at Vilshofen airfield (see Aeronautical Publication AIP VFR AD 1-6). Aircrafts with increased noise protection (Erhöhter Schallschutz) are excluded from this.


Please take care of the following restrictions for flight operations (check NOTAMs!).

Aerodrome closed:

  • 1st of January (New Year)
  • 15th of August (event „Race@Airport”)
  • 24th to 26th December (public holidays)
  • 31st December (New Year's Eve)

Aerodrome partially closed:

  • 2nd weekend in July (event „Danube in Flames”)
  • 1st of November (All Saints' Day)

Additional and unscheduled restrictions are possible.