Customs and border clearances

Border permits and declarations are mandatory for Non-Schengen-flights and customs-flights. Please care for timely announcement. See further information below.

We advice that travellers are responsible for correct transmission and handling of border crossing. With the information provided here, we intend to support your plannings.

Customs-relevant flights

  • A declaration to customs is mandatory for traveling from outside the customs union (customs territory) or leaving it.
  • Please check the detailed information on the customs territory provided by german customs.
  • The customs-declaration must be announced at least 2 hours in advance.


  • The application for a Non-Schengen-Flight is mandatory for travelling from outside the Schengen-states or leaving the Schengen-states.
  • Please check the information on the Schengen Agreement provided by the Federal Foreign Office.
  • The application deadline for Non-Schengen-flights is at least 24 hours on working days during normal office hours. For flights at the weekend, we recommend registering until Friday 11:00 clock.


  • For example, Croatia is part of the customs territory, but not yet a full user of the Schengen-Agreement. You must apply for a border clearance.

Please forward your customs- and non-Schengen-declarations via us. Use forms on our download area.